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THE WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO , AGRICULTURAL, AGROEQUIPMENTS ,KNOWLEDGE SHARING AND RESEARCH, Food And Livestock Expo – WAWFE An International Agriculture Summit, Agro Business Forum, Expo, Exhibition and Economic Forum, An International Agro platform Dedicated to Agricultural Business For AGRO EQUIPMENTS, AGRO TECHNOLOGY, Agro Trade And Agro Business Stakeholders, Highlighting the Global Agro Trade booming Agribusiness Industry, FEEDING NATIONS.

The Summit and Exhibition is a three -days Agro program comprising a power-packed exhibition and a closed-door conference where participants from the agricultural industry will feature their innovative agriculture solutions and technologies in the market in the presence of global attendees.

Aiming towards promoting innovation and networking opportunities for businesses and professionals in the field – this expo will open doors for new and established companies to expand their footprints in the booming agribusiness market.

Be it coffee, grains, rice, sugar and other agricultural products, in the world ,world agricweek and food expo has been known for its strong agricultural base. The sector has played a crucial role in the country’s economic development.

The government and stakeholders are inviting big domestic and international players to come and equip the market with the latest technological advancements that contribute to better food security and safety in the long run.

Through this expo, we will bring all the valuable stakeholders together to explore this agriculture market, engage with one another and strategically enhance their business.

Participants get to showcase agricultural products, technologies, machinery and services while fostering collaboration and identifying market trends.

The Expo aims to support the growth and sustainability of the agribusiness sector across the world and enhance its global competitiveness

World Agric Week and Food Expo has a cardinal objective to serve as a credible forum for agribusiness networking, bringing together agents of the food and fiber value chain, and institutions that have a great deal of interest and influence in agriculture.

World Agric Week and Food Expo will facilitate business-to-business interaction in the area of agrichemicals, livestock breeding, crop production (farming and contract farming), distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply, as well as marketing and retail sales.

World Agric Week and Food Expo conferences, anchored and guided by seasoned speakers in agribusiness industry, will be a point of convergence for discussing challenges and innovative solutions regarding access to market, deployment of new technology, investment opportunities, etc.

World Agric Week and Food Expo promises many specialized Exhibitors from the Europe, Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and Asia, in addition to local companies, all of whom will be showcasing the latest in agricultural products, services and equipment.

WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO FOCUSED IN Agri-trade, is a construct under the World Agric Week and Expo by Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), which simply entails an Agriculture trade that connects people with Agrifood systems.

It is critical in delivering sufficient, diversified, and nutritious food to customers globally, and it produces revenue and jobs for farmers, workers, and traders throughout the agricultural and food chain business.

According to the news platform of Globe Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO will provide a wide range of Agricultural industry solutions, including assessment of precious agricultural transport of goods, quality management, field inventory confirmation, worldwide advice solutions, and best practices for all aspects of business.

Adding that Agriculture remains one of the strategically important sectors of the world economy. It provides food security and many raw materials for other related industries and manufacturing.The president of GCCI, Hon. Buchi George, also share the same view in his LinkedIn page when he stated that, WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO ,WORLD Agri-trade is a component part of World Agric Week and Expo, a global food system that is dependent on a variety of local food systems.

The aim of these food systems is to feed the world while also providing livelihoods for farmers and people in food-related sectors while remaining environmentally sustainable. Adding that the Agri-trade Community will be constituted by end-product manufacturers, agricultural experts, farmers and all with the goal of enhancing the management of farm and grower production in the areas of agronomy, animal nutrition, land development, and crop/orchard inputs. “WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO will create a working modalities that will participants work with WAWFE professionals who can offer the most recent, top-notch advice that will make it possible for growers to increase their on-farm profitability.

“The objective is simply to offer products that support superior agronomy, nutrition, and complementary farm systems in order to increase farm performance and output. Significant connections have been made with domestic and foreign manufacturers”. He added. Agritrade can be beneficial to countries in a variety of ways, including allowing them to take advantage of their vastly varied factor endowments, with land-rich countries exporting and land-poor ones importing considerably more efficiently manufactured imports.

WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO openness can also be beneficial by enhancing agricultural production efficiency, allowing for greater nutritional diversity, and expanding food access. Enabling commerce minimizes food price volatility significantly by diversifying supply sources.“ We are doing everything possible to ensure the farmers and growers are carried along in our multi-sectoral programs outlined for YEARLY “Although, we have a very tight calendar already, our organization will ensure the WORLD AGRIC WEEK AND FOOD EXPO programs is given adequate attention and the right environment it require to be a success”, he concluded WORLD AGRICWEEK AND FOOD EXPO BY GLOBE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY